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Sliding Grilles

Classic Sliding Grilles (AS600)

Not only is the Classic the most economical and lightweight open style sliding grille, it easily blends with any decor, providing unobtrusive protection. It's fine lines and high visibility makes the Classic an effective traffic barrier, while maintaining a sense of open space. With a hanging weight of only 0.8 lbs. per sq. ft., it is the best partition to install on structures with limited support. The Classic 126 is a good choice for floor to ceiling area dividers in public spaces such as offices, hospitals, food courts and lobbies. The Classic style door should also be considered for areas enclosed by glass for added protection if the glass should ever break. The Classic 126 is our only Sliding Grille available in a Stainless Steel #4 finish. This design is also available in a variety of checkerboard patterns. Please view our website under Sentry for more details.

Sentry Classic Sliding Grilles (AS525)

These attractively patterned open style sliding grilles provide a high level of security for a lower cost.

Sentrys are multipurpose grilles often used in behind glass applications. They are secure enough to lock up store fronts and yet are open enough to allow air circulation through them. These grilles are ideally suited for applications such as food service kiosks. Sentrys are solid, substantial grilles that will stand up to the rigors of use in schools and stadiums.

The Sentry is available in a wide variety of checker-board patterns and motifs. Architects and designers can make smart use of the visual interest that these grilles offer.

Also avaiable in ASS12, AS33 AS66, AS99, AS1212, AS1515.

"Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Amstel who will provide you with a superior product and first rate service."
Katie Lynch, Director - Retail Centre Development, THE UPS STORE CANADA

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