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Vista Series Sliding Grilles

Structurally sound, Amstel's Vista Grille models are durable, aesthetically pleasing and build to withstand high volume application. The Vista Grilles durability comes from it's strong aluminum framework. Unlike Classic or Guaridan Grilles, Vista Grilles are designed to keep even the smallest of fingers out. Five different models compose the Vista family, each with with own characteristics. Although the overall appearance of each model may seem different, the structral design of all Vista Grilles are the same. The difference comes down to the material that fills the male and female aluminum frames. Amstel's smooth-rolling Vista grilles run on 1-1/8'' diameter twin rollers in tough overhead track that is our exclusive design. Vista grille curtains and lock posts are suspended with 5/16'' diameter cold rolled steel hanger rods that will not deform over the lifetime of the grille.

Our Vista Series Product Line-Up