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Sliding Grilles

Amstel's sliding grille product line is the largest available on the market today. With eight main different products and over seventy different variations, we definitely have the product to suit your needs. Our unique hinge and insert system allows you to further expand the product line by mixing inserts in a single panel.

Our sliding grille line is designed with some very unique features designed to maximize the ease of service ability, packaging and installation. Compare our extrusions to any of our competitors and you will be able to see the difference in the quality. Our unique locking post with its ratchet lock mechanism, aluminum locking knobs and oversized key heads for ease of operation is clearly the best available on the market. Our track is heavier at the point where the roller makes contact which reduces roller wear and insures easy operation. Amstel offers a lot of features as standard compared to other manufacturers who add surcharges for those modifications. All these points make it obvious; there is no better choice than an Amstel sliding grille product.

Our sliding grille line is offered under several labels worldwide. Installations can be found in many unique applications in Africa, South, Central and North America, Cambodia, Europe, The Middle East, and Poland. Contact us and allow us to help you insure that you have the best possible product for your application.

"Always reliable and capable of providing a solution for our building closure needs."
Michael Schaefer, Executive Vice-President, ELLIS DON CORPORATION

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Classic Sliding Grilles

Not only is the Classic the most economical and lightweight open style sliding grille, it easily blends with any decor, providing unobtrusive protection. It's fine lines and high… more>>

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Guardian Sliding Grilles

This tough open style grille provides security while keeping the sense of open space. The Guardians sturdy construction is based on the Vista system of individual panels interlocked by full height… more>>

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Vista Series Sliding Grilles

Structurally sound, Amstel's Vista Grille models are durable, aesthetically pleasing and build to withstand high volume application. The Vista Grilles durability comes from it's strong aluminum… more>>

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Divider Series Sliding Grilles

For customers with limited headroom looking to fulfil fire or sound rating enclosure, a Sliding Fire or Sliding Sound Rated door is a preferred. Sliding Sound doors are an economical solution to providing… more>>