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Curtain Walls - Custom Appliances - Detailed View
Curtain Walls - Custom Appliances

Custom Applications: Fixed Curtain Walls

When a fence or grade system just doesn╩╝t cut it, our fixed curtain wall provides industrial strength security to keep people either out or in. Stainless Steel rods are spaced apart, to provide a secure barrier. Our Fixed Curtain walls are most often seen enclosing airport-parking garages however, any parking garage would benefit. Other practical applications for Fixed Curtain Walls would be rooftops, and areas needing behind glass protection.

"CIANBRO CORPORATION and the Owner both have communicated their acceptance of your product as a quality fabrication and would not hesitate to get your company involved in another similar project if one should occur. Everything from the field verification of dimensions to the value engineering your company provided certainly proved beneficial to the quality and integrity of the cladding and on-time delivery."
Stanton J. Martin, Purchasing Manager, CIANBRO CORPORATION

Fixed Curtain Wall Photos

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