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Custom Applications

In the process of providing customers with the best safety, security and building closure systems, Amstel Manufacturing has taken on a number of Custom Applications. These projects prove to be very functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a closure solution that will provide a lasting impression when customers and clientele visit your facilities, Amstel Manufacturing's Custom Applications will get the job done. Contact Amstel Manufacturing for more information regarding Custom Blade Doors, Curtain Walls or your own unique special purpose applications.

"Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Amstel who will provide you with a superior product and first rate service."
Katie Lynch, Director - Retail Centre Development, THE UPS STORE CANADA

Movable Partition Systems

Our Moveable Partition systems are both functional and esthetically pleasing. If you are looking to give your building a unique touch that will capture your clientʼs attention, our moveable partition… more>>

Fixed Curtain Walls

When a fence or grade system just doesnʼt cut it, our fixed curtain wall provides industrial strength security to keep people either out or in. Stainless Steel rods are spaced apart, to provide… more>>