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Green Initiatives
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Green Initiatives

Amstel Manufacturing is committed to the “Green Initiative”. We give high priority to minimizing the amount of waste generated in the production and installation of our products. Of the inevitable waste that is generated in our production process, we have established a reuse and recycling program to divert more than 75% from landfill sites. Wherever possible, we purchase green label products and products that have recycled materials in them. Where the quality of our choice is not affected, we choose products and materials that are locally produced. In our plant and office we are continually looking for ways to improve our energy conservation measures. Amstel Manufacturing is committed to complying with all applicable Environmental Protection Act of Ontario regulations as well as the Canadian Construction Association’s Guidelines for Construction Environmental Management Planning and Best Practices Guide to Solid Waste Reduction.

Amstel’s products contribute to The LEED “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” rating system for developing high performance, sustainable buildings. Our products can help to earn credits towards the 4.1 Regional Resources credits and the 4.2 Materials and Resources Recycled Content credits when they are custom made to suit your architectural openings. In addition, our products are a high quality and extremely durable. In the event of a building reconstruction, our products could be disassembled and reused in another location. Furthermore, our doors are made of aluminum, glass, plastic and steel, all of which are 100 % recyclable.