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Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The management of Amstel Manufacturing is committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury. Management
will maintain a safe and healthy work environment and provide the necessary awareness and training to allow our employees to work safely.

Safety is and will continue to be the responsibility and accountability of all employees within the company. The success of
our safety program and a safe workplace depends on concern and commitment from all personnel.

Amstel Manufacturing’s leaders are responsible and accountable to ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in each respective work area. Front line leaders will comply with all legislated and employer work practices promoting safety in the workplace.

Workers are responsible for conducting their work in a safe manner, complying with legislated and employer work practices promoting safety in the workplaces. All employees shall report all unsafe acts and/or unsafe conditions to the shop foreman, lead hand of their work area, engineering manager or a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Contractor/ Sub-contractors and their workers must comply with legislative requirements and Amstel Manufacturing’s
Health and Safety program. Contractors, Sub-contractors and/or their workers will be held accountable for all infractions
of the Health & Safety program. Failure to comply with the health and safety program will result in their immediate removal from the workplace.

Consistent and continuous efforts by all employees shall be directed to preventing workplace accidents and maintaining the workplace and equipment in safe conditions. The management of Amstel Manufacturing is committed to meeting and/or exceeding all legislative requirements. The Health and Safety Program, Policies and Procedures will be reviewed annually for effectiveness and revised accordingly.